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My most valuable lesson is my most treasured memory.. 

When I was four years old, my father and I would plant seeds... he told me that if I planted them with love and sang to them from time to time, they would grow strong. He would burn his incense while playing his guitar as I happily sowed our seeds. He would say that the smoke from the incense was carrying my loving praise up to the Most High... and this is where we would receive our blessing. We nurtured our seedlings daily and as they grew, I truly believed that it was because the Most High had heard our songs. I believed this with all of my heart. My father had armed me with the notion of speaking to the universe and having her respond. I may not have grasped the depth of his teaching at the time, but the lesson would go on to become the foundation from where it all began.

I was introduced to energy healing during my early 20’s. That’s when my world really began to open up, I embarked upon a journey that has taken me across the world, from Europe to the Americas, Western Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, seeking ancient healing solutions from my ancestry inspired by my father. Today, I incorporate my lifestyle into the duties of a mother, wife and business owner offering my skills as a Yoga practitioner, Reiki Master, Sound Alchemist and Sacred medicine carrier neatly packaged as ‘Natalie Love!'

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