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Yoni steaming is an ancient practice in which you sit over a hot  herbal remedy allowing the steam to gently penetrate your  yoni region. Respected by healers around the world, yoni steaming is an opportunity to utilize the wisdom of mother nature while reconnecting with your divine feminine. There are several ingredients that can be used to create your own yoni steam.  See below for a list of herbs you can choose from. 


Dandelion: Helps to alleviate bloating, helps to balance hormones.  

Mint: An ancient aphrodisiac and treatment for infertility.  


Oregano: Helps to bring on menstruation, also known for its antiseptic and stimulating qualities.   


Rosemary: An aromatic and antimicrobial herb, treats bacterial infection, speeds wound healing, inhibits yeast growth, and stimulates menstruation.  


Sweet Basil: Invokes protection, helps to reduce painful menstruation, increases fertility, expels afterbirth. 


Calendula: Aids in healing of scar tissue, vaginal tears and hemorrhoids.  


Partridge berry: Treats infertility, regulates menstrual cycles and helps decrease menstrual pain.  

Yarrow: Helps to regulates menstrual flow and supports overall uterine health.  


Lavender: Stimulates menstruation and supports healing. 

Sage: Invokes protection, aids digestion, induces menstruation.  


Motherwort: Astringent, tonifying and cleansing also helps to relaxes uterine muscles, eases uterine cramping, stimulates uterine tone and blood flow.  


*Note: Do not steam over open wounds - Always use organic ingredients 




When the yoni is honored she becomes a channel of power, beauty, balance and love. When her voice falls on deaf ears, she becomes a center for

The yoni is the birthplace for all of our creative abilities. There was once a time in history when the yoni was worshiped, respected and honored. Sadly in today’s society the female anatomy has been sexualized in such a way that the conversation regarding our yoni has become somewhat taboo, so much so that the modern woman does not realize the true power she inherently possesses.  
I would like to welcome you on a journey to share with you ancient traditions from herbology to hydrotherapy and a little in-between! Geared towards helping you heal from the misconceptions that are holding you hostage from your divine femininity.




Before engaging in energy work, one should fully cleanse and prepare the outer body. This is especially beneficial before any bathing ritual or yoni work.Start with a three day detox followed by your personal grooming routine.


Dedicate a space in your home to serve as your personal alter. Create your space with things that are meaningful to you, things that invoke security, love and peace. Below are a list of items that may be used for your alter to help invoke your intention. You may also want to add special gems crystals or totems. Before working in your space take time to cleanse the area. I like to cleanse with Palo Santo and white sage.  


  • White – peace, purity, love, healing, life-force energy

  • Pink - attraction, romance, friendship, optimism, success 

  • Red – love, sexuality, affection, passion, confidence 

  • Blue - peace, harmony, spirituality, healing, life-force energy 


  • Sunflower – happiness, personal power, strength, truth, radiance, health and vitality 

  • Rose – emotional healing, purification, self-love, beauty  

  • Lilly - Mental clarity, calming, creative flow, healing, purification, spiritual empowerment 

  • Orange Blossom – Fidelity in marriage  


  • Cinnamon – Invokes Love, protection and good fortune 

  • Basil – Purification, good fortune, luck and protection 

  • Mint – Spiritual empowerment, enhances intuition 

  • Lavender – Invokes love, good health and peace 


  • Bergamot – Protection 

  • Cardamom –Love 

  • Cinnamon – Health & healing 

  • Dragons blood – Sensuality 


Comparable to a seed that you sow and nurture, intentions are the key to manifesting your goals. Once your intention is set, write it down and place under a candle on your alter, before lighting the candle anoint with your chosen oil. Begin your meditation with a few deep breaths. While focusing on your intention, bring your awareness to your heart chakra, spend as much time as you need in this space. When you are ready to end your invocation, be sure to give thanks to the higher power. Return to your alter each day to light your candle and spend a just few moments reflecting on your intention.


It is imperative for the modern woman to have an open and healthy relationship with her womb-space as it is the only path towards self-love. When your womb-space is healthy your life will reflect this balance. Follow these simple steps to initiate your journey to self-love. To begin I offer you this following womb mantra:  

My Womb is rich with life 

My Womb is a channel of purity 

My Womb is a sacred part of me 

I am Divine

I am Love

I am Light

1. Prepare your sacred space.

2. Light a candle and set your intention.

3. Lie down comfortably and place your hands on your womb. Take a few deep breaths before reciting your mantra. With each exhale, release any tension you may be holding on to. Feel your womb, massage and take time to connect with her even asking questions about what it is that she needs from you. 

4. Record what you felt about this sacred part of your femininity. 


I love you unconditionally .

I loved you even in my ignorance. 

I loved you when I didn’t even know. 

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